What kind of activities are prohibited in feet slave worship?

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When it comes to feet slave worship, also known as Foot Fetish Worship, there are some activities that should always be avoided. Feet Slave Worship is a fetish that can involve different activities but there is a line that should never be crossed. As a feet slave worshipper, it is important to understand and abide by the boundaries of the fetish, to help maximize the safety and enjoyment of both partners.

First, the most important rule of Feet Slave Worship is that both partners must give their consent and be totally aware of what is and is not acceptable. Anything that does not involve full consent and understanding on the part of both parties should be avoided. This includes activities such as role-playing scenarios in which one partner plays the role of a slave, which can lead to serious emotional distress and in some cases psychological trauma.

No form of physical violence (such as spanking, slapping, hitting, or kicking) should ever be part of a Feet Slave Worship session. Similarly, no form of sexual coercion or activity should be part of the session. This includes activities such as oral sex, intercourse, forced masturbation, or anything else that would not be consensual.

In addition, the use of feet in the form of humiliation, such as trampling, stepping on objects, or anything else that can cause physical harm to either partner should also be avoided. Respect should be the key for all activities involving feet.

Finally, it is important to note that Feet Slave Worship should never be used as an excuse to engage in activities that would otherwise be illegal or dangerous. This includes activities such as public nudity, exhibitionism, or activities that could otherwise bring legal repercussions.

Feet Slave Worship can be an incredibly satisfying and enjoyable experience when both parties are aware of the boundaries and are willing to keep each interaction within those boundaries. All activities should be thoroughly discussed and negotiated before any Feet Slave Worship session, to ensure that everyone involved is both safe and comfortable. Click here to find out more.

How does the reputation system on Websites Like Fetlife work?

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The reputation system on Websites Like Fetlife works to ensure the safety and security of its users. It encourages constructive and productive conversations, while discouraging negative and harmful behavior.

The reputation system is built upon a points-based system which is based on feedback from other users. When users are satisfied with the conduct of another user, they can submit a “positive reputation point for them. The positive point is then totaled and seen as a “positive rating for the user. On the other hand, users can also submit a “negative reputation point if they feel that someone’s conduct has been inappropriate or disruptive. This “negative point will be weighed against the total number of positive points that have been accumulated by the user; if the number of negative reviews is greater, then this will adversely impact the user’s overall reputation score.

The reputation system is also impacted by user’s number of posts, the quality of their posts and the amount of time that they have spent actively engaging with the community. All these factors are taken into consideration when calculating a user’s reputation score. A user with too few posts or posts of low quality will not be taken seriously by other users, and may be seen as a potential danger to the community as a whole. Therefore, it is important for users to be actively engaged and involved in the community so as to maintain a good reputation score.

On FetLife, users can also have their reputation score viewed by potential “friends and other members of the community. If a user’s rating is particularly low, then they may find that other users are reluctant to engage with them in social or professional activities.

In essence, the reputation system on FetLife is designed to provide a safe and secure environment for users to engage in. It allows users to form relationships based on trust, and it also encourages users to be respectful and cooperative in their interactions with others. By utilizing this system, website administrators can ensure that their user experience is always safe and pleasant.

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